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announcing shannon Murray...

unassuming + positive.
organized + technical.
explores all options.
Shannon is a determined designer with an unassuming and positive outlook.  As a Registered Interior Designer and Dawson College graduate, Shannon has a technical skill set and the ability to dive in and dissect complex design challenges. She is always trying to solve the problem, complete the puzzle or think of the new idea to make the space the most innovative and functional for our clients. Shannon comes from a construction family and strives to better understand and apply this knowledge to our projects.  She enjoys seeing designs realized through the construction process to the finished product.  As a LEED accredited professional, Shannon brings knowledge and experience using eco-friendly materials and environmentally-conscious building processes to the Design 360 studio.  She has a love for interior spaces that began developing early on.  While Shannon’s elementary school classmates were drawing people and images, she was busy sketching plans and spaces.  When she’s not engaged in another renovation project, Shannon can be found spending the weekends with her friends and family at the cottage. She also enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures, hosting board games nights and being physically active with dancing, zumba, and yoga.