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this is laura o’reilly….

generous + compassionate.
artistic + creative.
an adventurous dreamer.

Laura is a compassionate and considerate designer with a generous personality. As an Intern Interior Designer and Ryerson University graduate, Laura brings a fresh and youthful design perspective to our projects.  She enjoys delving deep into design and her artistic skills are invaluable in helping to communicate design concepts to our clients.  Laura enjoys researching new ideas and she’s particularly inspired by vintage, rustic, and mid-century modern design. She shares her passion for architecture and design with her father and dreams of designing a house with him. Laura’s proud of her Cape Breton roots and loves participating in ‘tea around the table’, lively debates, and cooking.  She particularly enjoys trying out new vegetarian recipes.  We think that the mature attitude and calm demeanour that Laura brings to the office may be a reflection of her love of the outdoors.  When she’s not at the lake swimming, kayaking or soaking in a great sunset on the dock, she can be found hiking, enjoying a picnic or snuggling in around a warm bonfire listening to her favourite music.  Laura also has an adventurous side that loves a good old fashioned road trip especially when it involves concerts, dancing and visiting with family and friends.